Monday, November 28, 2011

Official Opening Pajebits and Zanzibits Club

At the Paje school, after the renovation of the classroom, everybody was so curious to see the opening of Pajebits, a computer classroom initiated by Zanzibits NGO, at Paje, a village on the east coast of Zanzibar.
The classroom consists of 6 good and modern computers supplied by Zanzibits. Zanzibits will also supply the teachers and the curriculum.

The official opening was done by the director of Zanzibits, Mr. Guy Mullens as he was the one who was finding the funds for the project. Most of the Paje children will be benefiting on getting the basic computer knowledge (introduction to computer operation, some of Microsoft office package, basic photo editing using adobe Photoshop and life skills) for free.

All the guests of honor spoke about the importance of the opening of that class: this is a great opportunity for the children of Paje.

Before the official opening there was a small speech from both Zanzibits and the principal of the Paje School about the importance of having computer knowledge in this science and technology era. The students also had many questions and all showed their faith and interest in learning about computers.

The same week on Wednesday, Zanzibits had the official opening of Zanzibits Club, a new and innovative employment service in Zanzibar, linking talented creative minds to employers, work opportunities and assignments. Zanzibits Club was set up to strengthen fruitful projects in Zanzibar. The initiative prepares youth for jobs in the more or less creative industries of Tanzania and Zanzibar.

As the trained students still face the challenge to take the next step and get actual jobs., Zanzibits Club offers a service that operates as a “matchmaker” for these youth and potential clients and companies, such as creative companies, festivals, publishers, tv stations but also companies in the commercial and touristic sector.

The official opening was done by Training Coordinator and orginzer of the project Mr Mbarak Ali together with the Zanzibits Director and it was attended by most of the alumni and current students. Zanzibits staff explained to them the importance and functions of Zanzibits Club.

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