Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Photograpy lesson in Progress

As a part of the media lab, the students got the chance to go a little deeper in photography. After the basic knowledge that they have received in course one, it was time to get technical.
This lesson was conducted by Jaku and Aboud, two of our trainee zanzibits trainers.

The class started with the introduction of different samples of photography like fashion,perspective, portrait and how to include elements likeshadows,perspective,textures,flares and so much more.

The students found themselves very eager to know much more, and were happy with the lesson. After a week of photography class, the studentsfound that they have learned a lot more than only the basics of photography.

The different approaches and styles, how to take good photos, while considering elements like focus, angles, centered framing, etc., and the different settings of the camera, were all discussed.

Not only was the lesson conducted in the classroom, but the students got the chance to practice outside as well. Students were spotted on many different streets of Zanzibar, taking pictures of theirneighborhoods, old buildings, people and funny situations.

They also got the chance to know how to retouch the photos by using new Photoshop tools. To add different effects, for example, like changing the photos from color to black and white.

Everybody enjoyed the lesson, especially the students. They will put into practice what they have learned when they are going to take photos for their final project, their dream company.

Good going guys

Photograpy lesson, first day introduction

Teacher shows the students types of photographies.

The last lesson about photography, next day students go for practicing

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