Friday, December 2, 2011

Volunteer Teacher

Zanzibits students have gotten the chance to experience new graphic software (adobe illustrator and in design), which we had previously not had in our curriculum.

The volunteer teacher Mr. Hashim, who is now doing an internship at TTCL(Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited) in Zanzibar for one month, was kind enough to offer his teaching skills.

After being a student at Data Star Training College for one year in Dar es Salaam taking the BIT(business information technology) course, he was very interested in Zanzibits. Thus, he decide to share his knowledge in graphic software with us.

The class started with a PowerPoint presentation where mr. Hashim took the chance to show the students the different tools and techniques of the program.

The students were so eager to learn about these new packages, because companies are always looking for Indesign and Illustrator professionals.

The class lasted two weeks: one program per week,during the afternoon hours. In the morning they continued with the normally scheduled lessons.

The class went well as we expected, and the teacher was very proud of the students because they were good in practice and understood the lesson well.

We are very thankful for your time and knowledge, Mr Hashim.

Karibu tena!

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