Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Interview new intake 2011- 2012

Prospective new Zanzibits studentsfor 2012, who registered themselves two months ago, came for an interview on the 5th of December 2011.

The Zanzibits team handled the interview in a good and orderly fashion, as expected. Some of the interviewees seemed to be very scaredbecause most of themhad never donethis in their lives, and all were impressed by the setting in which they came.

The interviews were conducted for a full week, from the 5th to the 9th. Hopefully next year we will have great students like current year, or more than that. As per the evaluation, 40 students have beenchosen for next year, and most of them havethe good qualifications, but the team will re-evaluate, so as to make sure we have the best suited 34 students for the upcoming year.

After finishing both processes, (registration and interview), the potential students are now looking forward to geta phone calls from Zanzibits, to tell them they succeed or not. They will be given the calls early next week.

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