Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zanzibits club and Alriyamibits donor pay a visit

Zanzibits Club is an initiative existing in Zanzibar. It is devoted to assisting Zanzibits alumni and other technically schooled youths to get the opportunities to find either permanent jobs or internships from both governmental, commercial and touristic sectors. The club is run by Zanzibits staff and alumni.

This week the sponsor of both Zanzibits Club and Al-riyamibits, Sylvie Sprangers, from Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation in Holland, visited us. During her visit, she had plenty of time to ask different types of questions concerning to the Club’s prosperities. The questions were on how we will carry out our plan, what we’ve already done also what the challenges we should face and how we have organized to get rid of those. The staff answered to those questions with full of confidence and to proved how the mission and vision can be achieved.

After getting the answers Sylvie was content with the development made by both local staffs and their director Guy Mullens. Her journey went on to the Al-riyamibits, one of the Zanzibits branch established to support the Al-riyamibits’s students in learning computer basic programs. It was a lesson’s time, was so great to be there since she witnessed everything. She was extremely interested to see the class is continuing.

After examining she has found that her helps are valued and spent effectively.

Welcome again Sylvie!

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