Saturday, February 4, 2012

Students Excursion and Exam course 1 lot 1

The Zanzibits students from the first lot completed their basic course in different computer programs during the last month. The teachers tried their level best in assessing the students from the first lot and the assessments show that these students are as keen to learn as previous graduates, for which we are very happy.

In completion of their first month of study, they were examined with test that aimed at verifying if they effectively mastered the lessons. In accord with Zanzibits’ norms it is habitual for its students to have excursions, so that they learn something different from their class. Consequently they get more general knowledge, and at the same time they refresh their minds by visiting another place.

This month we visited BEIT-AL-AJAAB and the MUSEUM PALACE. These were distinguished excursion since the students learnt many things about the history of Zanzibar. They were extremely excited and very happy with the information their guide gave them.

After the excursions the students wrote a report and did a powerpoint presentation, so as to document and present what they have leaned. They have terminated their monthly lesson with this excursion and as for now they are waiting for the second lot to finish its term.

After the evaluations from both lots, the seventeen qualified students to form the class of 2012 will be selected.

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