Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meeting with parents and mini gradutaion lot 1 course 1

A day before graduation for the lot 1 students, Zanzibits improvised
to organize a meeting with the students' parents. The aims of that
meeting were to introduce those parents to what Zanzibits offers and
how we teach them. Ultimately the parents got several chances to ask
multiple of questions that were directed to both Zanzibits and
Zanzibits club. They were very satisfied with the answers to their
questions. Also, the parents provided Zanzibits with insightful
remarks and moral suggestions on how to keep on prospering.

The subsequent day was such a significant day for the first lot, on
that day those from first lot had finished the first course (behind
the screens). The min-graduation was directed by the staff that played
a great role on organizing everything needed for the graduation day.

The main trainer opened the ceremony with gratitude to all of the
students and all invitees. The attendees were grouped into two equal
groups, this made the graduation to have two halves, after the first
half finished their presentations that were decorated with works that
they had done during the first month of of studying.

There were also some surprises, as the students showed their thanks to
their teachers by singing a well know Taarab song on behalf of the
rest. The song was firstly sang by the Naad Ikhwan Safaa, best taarab
group in Zanzibar and the song named as 'Kiu' translated as 'thirst'.
After that good moment the second half got ready and took its place
and finally the total number of presenters was thirty-four. Lastly
both the staff and students had lots of fun.

The students who meet all the requirements that match with Zanzibits
critera will join with other group to form the class of seventeen
students what will go on for the rest of the year.

Good luck guys!

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