Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Zanzibits second lot of 2012

The second lot students have started their studies early in February and they are about to terminate their first month of studies. The so called 'Behind the Screens' course is aimed at assessing the students and in the end of the day pick the ones who will meet the requirements set by Zanzibits to continue with the next three courses.

In the behind the screens course, the students get the chance to visit historical monuments around Zanzibar. This time around, the second lot visited the Zanzibar Cathedral Church (at the East Africa Slave Trade Market).

The guide delivered a good speech and it was an apparently beneficial trip for second lot students, because they were fed with precious information about their ancestors and Zanzibar became such a culturally rich environment.

After the trip the trainer asked them to document all collected information into a PowerPoint presentation so that they can present what had learned.

The Behind the Screens course will come to an end with a mini-graduation at the end of this month. The qualified students from the first lot and the second lot will reform a new class with the seventeen best students

Good luck students.

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