Friday, March 2, 2012

The 21st educational program launching

The Zanzibar revolutionary government’s president and his excellence Dr.Ali Mohammed Shein recently inaugurated the new educational program that aimed at providing the Zanzibar’s youths with the computer knowledge based in ICT, apart from that the program will also focus on improving instruction on reading mathematics and science for higher learning.

The so called 21st century educational program began operating on Mtwara region in Tanzania main land and Unguja Island on Zanzibar.
The program is funded by USAID

Zanzibits NGO was also invited to witness the inauguration, it is distinguishing privilege for Zanzibits to be invited, since it orients the youths that are confident enough to work on that field, they can even teach. Prospectively this can be job’s opportunity to Zanzibits alumni.
In his speech Mr. President did not hesitate underscoring to utilize the chance effectively.

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