Friday, April 20, 2012

Alumni volunteer in zanzibits

Dear reader we are so happy to have you browsing our daily posts, you
have any sounding reason to get updated with our routine, and
habitually Zanzibits gets volunteers from the country and abroad.

The Zanzibits tagline which says "bridging the digital gap" is seemed
to be on its way to success because one of Zanzibits alumni Mr. Salum
shared his knowledge with the contemporary students.

A week in class he taught Microsoft office excel and word, these
programs are so cornerstone and widely used in the existing offices.
Within a week the students found to have the satisfying knowledge on
how to work with both programs and most importantly they can use these
indispensible tools suitably to work at any company.

Mwanapatima among the alumni, currently she is hired and uses the same
tools, this colorful instance makes us totally believe that there are
a lot to do with these programs and brightly they will improvise their
career accordingly.

As staffs we've become hopeful to what we are always giving to our
students because from Mr. Salum we have leant that, this knowledge is
prospering as proposed, he is unlike other alumni, he still remember
where is coming from that is why he became sympathetic to give out his
knowledge as thanks to Zanzibits.

Thank you Salum we hope that this superficial knowledge will get them
into good position and they will imitate from you as a result the
tagline will be entirely accomplishing its target.

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