Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Course three start

The Zanzibits' schedule is progressing as for now the Students become third course learners, in this segment the students are learning the intensive visual design training, technical skills for designing and building websites as well as making films.

They learn the basic things needed in making website such as elements of layout and site design, navigation, structuring information, usability, html, Dream weaver, Photoshop and movie editing programs.

This course is for motivated and talented students who have completed the first and second courses.
They start with conceptualization study this is to help the students to be capable of conceptualizing their concepts. 
They will have two projects. The neighbourhood project,  the first  project to be done where each student asked to conduct research at his or her neighbourhood and collecting the possible information, the collected information will be used in shaping their neighbourhood website.

The film will be the second project. In this course the students will get a unique opportunity in studying   all procedures of making film.
The third course will end up with cultural project where the students are grouped and do their projects in grouping order.

We are looking forward to see the best results from our students 

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