Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wendela Visit

As we always open our doors to volunteers and guests who would like to pay a visit in our School, this week we had a visitor from Rhotia valley children's home Wendela luigies who works on an OX laptop program (located in Karatu) also she is volunteering at Merera primary school on the computer parts.

Her visitation on Zanzibits aimed to see precisely what we're doing and besides to fortify the existing relationship between Zanzibits and Rotia valley children's home, two of our alumni went to volunteer at her center and they did their works excellently and this resulted into incentive to this visitation.

The meeting is optimistically advantageous to both Zanzibits and Rhotia valley children's home, since we've discussed on the likelihood of working together in the future.

She met with all of Zanzibits staffs, she got the chance to visit students in their class and saw some works made by the students, and she was very excited seeing the amazing works presented by the students.

This was the time where the students worked on designing the neighborhood websites, of cause she had a lot to share with the students since she is website analyst by professionalism.

Wendela tipped the students with lesson on how to improve their designs to be accessible and appealing to every visitor.
The student thanked Wendela for her passion to share with them what she has and they promised to keep the tips into operational format for the upcoming designs

Zanzibits and its all team would like to thank Wendela for her visit and help, please fill free to come again. Have a nice trip back to Holland.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The ending of the first intake

Pajebits complies its curriculum successfully, it's sparked from Zanzibits as one of its agenda to help pupils at different schools, this is based in Paje School, and the students finished their monthly course.

It's not using the Zanzibits curriculum since Pajebits students intended having a monthly course to become graduate and previous week it has accomplished its first graduation with successfully graduates.

The graduates are capable of using the Microsoft office package and adobe Photoshop for deigning graphics, and they yet designed amazing works using those tools, 

This knowledge which provided by Zanzibits will help the graduates compete with the current era of science and technology.
Zanzibits has a yearly assistance and the rest of time will be conducted by the villagers who had effectively graduated from the Pajebits graduates.
In that graduation eleven students received their certificates, and we're on the process of continuing with second intake for this month.

We hope they will keep updating with further knowledge and share with their brothers and sisters.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Pajebits class is in Progress

We are still on the way with most powerful graphical tool (Photoshop)  from adobe packages. Pajebit Students now can play with the images and designing materials like posters, flyers , logos, CD covers and business cards. They have an assignment of designing the brand for their dream company that will take them to the next level of their course,  on Friday it will be their final day being with their teaching and sitting behind the screens before facing their final course test on Monday and waiting for their certificates. Hope this course will help them creating job opportunities and internship as well. From that point they are warmly welcome to joining the main center (zanzibits) in stone town .

Hongera guys wish to see you on stone town.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pajebits Opening day and its Progress

The first day in Paje village was very enormous and overwhelming,
people are very sociable
and as Paje itself is looks stunning with the cool surrounded
environments rather than town
Though it's an upcountry but individually the life rotation is a bit
high due to the ascending of
the tourists.

The next day PajeBits trainer got an opportunity to meet with the
Assistant Headmaster of
Paje School Mr. Habibu setting up exceptional meeting with twelve
selected students who are
willing and motivated to join up one month of computer training.
Also the third day, the PajeBits trainer had another session with the
two teachers from Paje
School, Doctor of Paje Clinic, students and some villagers as to
familiarize with them.
The trainer deliberated many things to them like the objective of the
PajeBits program without
forgetting ZanziBits, rules and regulation, the class time in and out,
curriculum in general.
The lessons start 2pm to 6pm Monday – Friday; this is due time
squeezing because after
schooling students supposed to attend the computer class.

On 07th May 2012, the PajeBits lessons started with the introduction
to computer, the students
were very attracted with the lesson, they are willing and keen to
learn more however it was
their first time to lay a hand on the computer.
The trainer introduced the basic of the course, behind the screen like
the starts, peoples,
machine, mouse and keyboard for the first day.
The next day lesson, the students started an introduction of microsoft
office package before
going deep, the lesson went good, acceptable and well understood to
everyone where by
trainer gave the chance to the students asking some questions about it.

The trainer took students through further in the next lessons by
showing them different
functional tools in computer like windows, softwares, programs, files
and my files, keyboard
layout, twelve functional tools and how they work, typing and saving in general.