Thursday, June 14, 2012

The ending of the first intake

Pajebits complies its curriculum successfully, it's sparked from Zanzibits as one of its agenda to help pupils at different schools, this is based in Paje School, and the students finished their monthly course.

It's not using the Zanzibits curriculum since Pajebits students intended having a monthly course to become graduate and previous week it has accomplished its first graduation with successfully graduates.

The graduates are capable of using the Microsoft office package and adobe Photoshop for deigning graphics, and they yet designed amazing works using those tools, 

This knowledge which provided by Zanzibits will help the graduates compete with the current era of science and technology.
Zanzibits has a yearly assistance and the rest of time will be conducted by the villagers who had effectively graduated from the Pajebits graduates.
In that graduation eleven students received their certificates, and we're on the process of continuing with second intake for this month.

We hope they will keep updating with further knowledge and share with their brothers and sisters.

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