Friday, January 16, 2009

The first school day of 2009!

It was good first day. All the students but one were there, and not feeling nervous at all; they were feeling at east on the premises. Hashil started out by welcoming everyone to Zanzibits. Then he showed Guy’s video greeting he had sent from Canada. After the general introduction, he went on to brief the students, by telling them what Zanzibits is, what our aim is, and what our goals are. He told them about our SOP’s (standard operating procedures), how to behave and to keep respect for each other, as we don’t tolerate ignorance.

One of our students did not make it to class, and after having checked up on the situation, we decided to call in a student from the 2nd log to join the class for the first lot, which makes up for our total of 15 students.

Then Hashil briefed the students, telling them how serious we are on students missing out on lessons, and that even if there is a funeral, it doesn’t take the whole day, just couple of hours J. Rukia briefed the students regarding the curriculum, what will be taught, how classes will proceed and all things concerning her job as head teacher. Mbarak and Salama, our trainees, along with Suleiman, introduced themselves (in English – good job, Suleimen) and talked about their responsibilities.

Hashil showed the new students how a computer looks like on the inside and taught them about each component and what its function is. Later on Rukia carried on with the hardware class and in the afternoon all the students were provided Exercise books, folders, a ruler and a pen.

All students left Zanzibits at 16:00 hrs. See you guys tomoorw!

Guy's video message (the sutends had to laugh, as they are not used to a mzungu speaking a little swahili)

Hashil teaching about hardware

A student asking a question

Listening attentively

And again...

From left to right: Hashil, Rukia, Mbarak and Salama

Falling asleep already, mr yellow shirt :))

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