Monday, February 9, 2009

First parent student afternoon of 2009

First Mbarak welcomed the parents to Zanzibits. Then Salama explained to them what Zanzibits is history of Zanzibits, the aim of Zanzibits, studies, selection process, days of class, what we do with film and a short view on the Zanzibits club. Finally they explained what is expected of the students.

The meeting started at 2:30 when Mbarak welcomed the parents to Zanzibits. Salama explained to them what Zanzibits is and full programs of Zanzibits such as: Zanzibits is a center for film and multimedia where a film and multimedia course is provided for youth and for free. It is only for youth who want to learn about computer but they have no ability to pay the fees for such a course.Salama explained the history of Zanzibits to them, that we started on 24 of April 2008 with 12 students and it was the idea of Guy from Holland.

Then Hashil introduced himself to them and also explained the differences between Zanzibits and other computer schools in Zanzibar. Rukia followed after Hashil. She explained to them who she is and what she does at Zanzibits. She explained about the advantages of the courses and also introduced them to Mbarak and Salama, and that they were among the past students but how they now became assistant trainers. And when she is ready to go back to Nairobi she will leave the class to them.

After that parents got a chance to ask different questions about the program. Some of them asked about the students who really wants to keep on with studies but do not get chance to do so. We told them that we started something called the Zanzibits club, which has as it’s aim to take on news students so that they can learn more through past students. Some of the parents gave out their idea about Zanzibits and suggested that we have to be registered so that we can get aids from different places, not only the Netherldands, and that Zanzibits should take its budget to Zanzibits club.

It was a good suggestion. Someone also asked what if some one comes to Zanzibits to ask for partnership about opening the center like Zanzibits in other places. Rukia responded to him that this is a good idea but that such a centre costs a lot of money, so the fundraising should be done first :)

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