Monday, February 9, 2009

Zanzibits Club goes East Coast

Here is a summary of two past students who are part of the Zanzibits club, and were asked to give a computer training at a hotel on the east coast of Zanzibar, called Dhow Inn. They stayed in Paje for three days, from Sunday to Wednesday. They taught a class on general computer knowledge, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel.

Here is their report:

On Sunday at 5pm o’clock we took a Daladala toward Paje dhow inn, by 6:15 pm we arrived in paje once after get out in the daladala we tried asking some of resident and we were given a good direction so, by 6:30 pm we got to dhow inn. We were welcomed by simple drinking (soda) and handled over a bed room, really they were happy after knowing us as their trainer of computer so by 9:15pm Mr. Ali prepared a dinner to us. It was rice and simple fish sauce.By 10:15pm we came across with Karima. It was just to know as every thing was right or not, fortunately every thing was right.

On Monday Early in the morning after washing our body by 7:15am we were prepared a tea and noodle after twenty mints Karima arrived and showing us the class and five students concern. In their class there was no a computer but we found a monitor, keyboard and mouse so all lesson what we taught them we used a lap top which were given by teacher Rukia really they had hard time because they did not get enough time of getting practice, and also we had to change instead of teaching them three times per day we taught them two times per day.

  • First step: thing what Mohammed did is just introducing one another, after that he started with his lesson which has been already prepared and the system was as follow. First time I taught them introduction of computer (what is computer, how computer was, where computer is used and the important of computer) this time I used black board and writing a notes.

  • Second step: I taught them parts of computer and their work (what is monitor, CPU, key board, mouse, printer etc) and showing them where do monitor, mouse and key board connected.

  • Third step: I taught them how to hand a mouse, drag, point and click using hand mouse and one after another make practice here we used lap top and hand mouse.

  • Fourth step: I showed them some of the button on the key board and their work example BACKSPACE, ENTER, SHIFT, CAPS LOCK, TAB, CTRL and so on after that I opened Microsoft word so as to show them practically and one by one make an example.

  • Lastly I finished teaching them how to turn off and turn on computer. After that I left them with a lap top and getting a little rest, and then I made discussion with Shaibu for coming lesson. Class work discussion.Were how to turn off and turn on computer, dragging, point, and clicking using hand mouse and uses of SHIFT, NUMBER LOCK, CAPS LOCK, ENTER and CTRL.

By 1:15 pm we had been already prepared a lunch, really we were only a two people but we found our selves as twelve in Zanzibits because we were prepared a sembe, frying cabbage and fish while we were getting a lunch Karima went to them just to know their changing and looking their practice though it was a one laptop but we gave them enough time of getting practice.

  • First step: I showed them the different between drives, files and folder and how to create and rename a folder, after that every one get a chance to create his folder on desktop, after that I taught them the different between cut and copy, simple class work of two mints for each one, create a folder giving a name copy or cut from desktop and past to the local disk D.

  • Second step: I taught them how to open Microsoft word and explained to them a menu bar then showing them the different between save and save as and showing some of the parts in format bar like bold, italic underline, font style and font size. After that I finished by taught them to minimize, restore down and close and giving them class work.
    After that I took a little resting and make discussion with Mohammed for coming lesson of next day. And leave them with computer so as to make practice till 06:30pm because some of them were not shifted so by that time they were going at their home so by night we were ought to take our laptop.

By 08:30pm always we were given a dinner. I kept on with Microsoft word I taught them the function of file in menu bar and I taught them find, replace, go to, undo, redo and how to select all text showing them where are toolbars obtained after that I left them with laptop so as to make practice .

After that as normally we took our time getting a lunch and making simple discussion with Mohammed for the coming lesson. What is excel, why we use excel and where is it used and show them what is sheet and cell and so on. So on Thursday early on the morning we went back to town with our laptop so we defeat to give them a home work because they had not a computer of working with.

They really want to learn a computer and they quickly understand for what we were teaching them, the problem is only luck of computer so it caused them to miss more practice as you know computer without more practice less getting more knowledge for what we believe they will be well within the four days which we shall use teaching them.

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